From large acreage to a small sandbox, HOSTETLER LAWN & LANDSCAPING has the standard excavating equipment and custom designed specialty equipment needed to Design Build Sports Fields.

Specialty Equipment:

Zero turn 5' laser automated* leveler – Custom designed** and built specifically for leveling the application of Ball Mix on infields, this laser
automated machine with 5' blade and nail drag puts the final finishing touches on the baselines and batter's boxes. 


16' laser automated* leveler - Custom designed** and built specifically for leveling large areas, this 16' box scraper is laser automated and puts
the rough finish grade on soccer, football, and baseball fields to perfect accuracy. 


4000 gallon Hydro-seeder - Custom designed* and constructed specifically for hydro-seeding sports fields, this 4000 gallon hydro-seeder has the
capacity needed for large areas and is part of our truck fleet.


Not Pictured: 

Automated* slit trenching machine - Custom designed** and built specifically to solve drainage problems.  This machine injects sock tile into the ground to exact slope elevations.

Proprietary automated* grading track machine - Custom designed** and built specifically for surface grading.  This machine puts dual slope finishing grades to within an unmatched 1mm accuracy.

Other Equipment:  Quad tractors, 25 cubic yard pan, (2) 17 cubic yard tandem pans, loaders, excavators, dozers, rollers, graders, finishing tractors, and seeders.

*All automated equipment uses the Trimble GCS 900 system. 

**Specialty equipment custom designed and constructed by Landon Hostetler - 3rd generation member of Hostetler Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.


Coming Soon - Little Shaver equipment matching game.