Infield Mix: Ball Mix Product Data Sheet

Product Description:

Ball Mix is our proprietary "infield mix" blend of all natural aggregates.  It is comprised of sand, silt and clay. This natural reddish brown product is achieved by processing the aggregate mixture through a screening method. Ball Mix has NO man-made crushed content and is derived entirely from all natural aggregate material.


Ball Mix is a uniform and consistent medium which holds form well. Its form and consistency can be adjusted and controlled to meet the preferences of individual organizations by simply adding or adjusting the water content. Ball Mix drains well and dries quickly for minimal rain interruptions or game cancellations. It is easily groomed and maintained. The contrast of color between Ball Mix and softballs and/or baseballs makes the balls easier to see and field. The uniform nature provides a safe playing surface with dependable bounce and good playability.


Ball Mix is ideal as the base and/or finish layers of infield mix on any type of ball diamond infield and warning tracks. Ball Mix has also been successfully used on shot put areas, tennis courts, horse tracks, equestrian riding arenas, and RC race tracks.


To maintain the proper consistency of the natural materials in Ball Mix we recommend the use of a nail drag for deep blending and a screen drag for the finish surface.

Ball Mix verses Stone Dust Comparison:

We do not sell or recommend stone dust. Stone dust is a crushed product derived from either limestone or brick. It is as its name implies – dust. It does not hold form, it is abrasive, and it can be an irritant to eyes and breathing. Because of its abrassive nature it can cause uniform damage and skin irritations. Limestone dust is light in color making white balls difficult to see and/or field.

Download Ball Mix Data Sheet (PDF)